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01/24/2019: Digifinex and Bitbank delivery. Starting development CoinCap and TradeOgre.

12/18/2018: Zaif and Quoinex delivery. Starting development Digifinex and BitBank

Hello, dear friend!

Today we are launching our 3rd crowdfunding campaign on cryptocurrencies. This campaign will be final due to its unique feature.

We create the campaign endless both in terms of time and in terms of the number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Yes, we plan to develop connections to all exchanges that are interesting for our participants.

The conditions are very simple:

  • The new participant chooses an interesting exchange (or several) that is not currently supported by our S# platform.
  • You contribute only 300$ for each platform, specifying which exchanges you want to get.
  • We (S# company) develop the connector in 1-2 weeks and issue it to the participant. You do not need to wait for the minimum number of other interested participants!
  • During the development process (while the connector is not yet ready), any participant can join the created connector for the same amount of 300$.
  • After the work completion, the connector becomes available to those who contributed money for it. It will be available to all others for the sum of 400$ as for the ready connector.
  • And so for any platform indefinitely!

We are ready to develop a connector to any platform even if there is 1 investor. That is, you are guaranteed to get a connector in 1-2 weeks, even if you were the only one interested in the exchange.

Infinity Subscription

For this campaign, we introduce a unique subscription to get ALL of the developed connectors within the campaign. If you want to get all the connectors, regardless of whether you participated in the campaign or not, this subscription is for you. It cost 3 000$.

The subscription gives you the right to get all new connectors. If you purchase the subscription after some connectors are ready, then these connectors are purchased separately.

If you want to get the subscription then send the request on


Do you want not just to invest money, but also to return costs? To all participants who first ordered a connector to the new exchange, we will give 10% of the amount of contribution by other participants on this connector. As a result, you can not only get the connector for free, but also get rich from this!

E-mail us:
Skype: AlgotradingRus
Telegram: @trading
Or visit our website:

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