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Hello, dear friend!
As you already know, we had a crowdfunding campaign for crypto connectors Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, GDAX, Bittrex, Bithumb, HitBTC, OKCoin and Coincheck. We successfully completed on February 1 this year.

Today we are starting the second round of the crypto connectors creating, but we are doing things completely different this time, making it more attractive to you.

There are four MEGA-brand new features of this round, which you will be particularly interested in:

  1. Readiness. We took into account the errors of the first round, and now we can definitely say that the result should be given out as soon as it is ready. We will issue the connectors as soon as they are completed, AT ONCE. The order of the connected cryptocurrency exchanges will depend on the crowdfunding rate for each of them. If Binance is the first to get the budget – well, we will do it. If it is BitMex – we will do it. We are sure that the first will be exchanges with the AltCoins and which makes the sell short a real possibility!
  2. Variability. Our new round allows you to choose cryptocurrency exchanges. The minimum contribution depends on the number of selected exchanges. Of course, the Select All option is also available!
  3. Source codes. Source codes will be available for all of the selected connectors.
  4. Algorithms. The cryptocurrency world is rapidly changing. Our Edward has already been modified three times since the beginning of the first round. Now we can definitely say that one algorithm for cryptocurrency is very, very little. We propose with a new round the Crowdfunding Strategies option. At the moment, we have prepared the specifications for the following algorithms: Synthetic Arbitrage (searching for discrepancies in prices through a long chain of pairs), the Pump detector (we all remember the altcoins-ups in January, when 1,000% was the norm, so it’s important to be able to enter and exit cheap coins, flying in space), the Converter (an additional option to all algorithms that transfers crypto-currencies between cryptocurrency exchanges).

For participants of the first round, we offer -30% of the contribution. Send your choice to and we will send you a payment reference with the bonus included. The offer
duration is limited!

To all participants who enter the second round, but have not entered the first, we will provide connections to the exchanges from the first round on special terms. Please contact us via email to find out about them! You bring more, you get more!

To start the connector development, it is enough to raise only 1,500$ and 2 weeks after the end of the crowdfunding the connector will be provided! Are you ready to deposit the whole amount at once? Contact us via email

Join us in the second round right now!
Still, have any questions?
E-mail us:
Skype: AlgotradingRus
Telegram: @trading
Or visit our website:

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