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  • 06/21/2019: Our crowd is closed! THANKS to everyone who participated in the campaign. We have already started working on the video course and hope it will be ready by the end of summer!!!
  • 06/13/2019 :We’re finishing our campaign! Thank you that You have become its participants! Already on Monday, preferential conditions for training will end, and this: a 50% discount , TWO profitable strategies and an EXTENDED license . So HURRY to be among those who can take advantage of our offer!!!
  • 06/10/2019: It’s time! And we are sharing with you the results of the second strategy test! The full result on the link!

    Portfolio Equity
  • 05/31/2019: The first strip $1500 overcome! Detailed information on the link!

    Portfolio Equity


  • 05/28/2019: Watch the Designer Video Tutorial ! I am interested in the lesson completely, join the crowd, and see the practical part !!! Whole course will be with professional voice acting!


  • 05/16/2019 : Video course plan for Designer (look here)
  • 05/06/2019: The launch of the campaign

Hello, my dear friend!

As you already know, we always strive to improve our programs, including we create comprehensible and understandable training courses.

We are launching a campaign to create educational content for the Designer program.

What are we ready to offer in our training? We will do the following:

  1. We will discuss all the features of the Designer in detail.
  1. We will teach how to properly set up and use the program’s tools! 
  1. We will tell and show how to create strategies in the program based on indicators, how to set the conditions and formulas in the program properly. 
  1. We will prepare the course in such a way that everyone can create a working strategy on their own at the end of the course!

The course will be in two versions:

– Base

– Full

The first version will cost $300, and the second one – $600.

But…!!! For campaigners, we want to offer special conditions, so everything will be two times cheaper. Just choose your version and for $150 contributed you will get the Base training course. Say yes! It is very profitable. And for the $300 contributed the participant will get a Full training course + bonus included!!!

Yes, exactly – BONUS!!! For those who have the Full course, we have prepared an UNPRECEDENTED bonus.

Namely – TWO! Two working strategies that will allow you to start trading, not looking up from the training course, and therefore you will begin to pay back the investments from the moment you start your training!

Do you have questions about these strategies? We understand this, so after reaching the amount of contributions of $1500 we will publish backtest statistics of the first strategy, and after reaching $3000 – backtest statistics for the second strategy.

All description and algorithm will be available only to crowd participants after its completion.

Offer period is limited! Therefore, you should hurry.

To start the training course development, it is enough to collect only $5000! Ready to contribute the full amount at once and make a profit from sales? Write to info@stocksharp.com

Start investing in your future today, join the campaign now!

Do you have questions?

Wright: info@stocksharp.com

Skype: AlgotradingRus

Telegram: @trading

Or just visit our site.


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