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  • $6 600.00

    Funding Goal
  • $6 600.00

    Funds Raised
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Minimum amount is $500 Maximum amount is $10000


Hello, dear friend

We are pleased to announce that in the very near future we will start developing the connector to the most popular MetaTrader platform. After its creation, we can proudly say that our algorithmic platform is compatible with almost all possible markets: stock, derivatives, currency, crypto-currency, and now – Forex.

And today you have the opportunity, not only to participate in this project but also to make money from it. This crowdfunding will take place according to completely new, unique rules. But first things first.

Let’s start with the answer to the question – why is this connector interesting to you?

  1. You want to transfer the algorithms written on S# to the Forex market. You do not need to rewrite on MQL.
  2. You initially want to start with the Forex market with the perspective of further developing this direction, to connect not only to small brokers but also to large companies like DukasCopy, SaxoBank, Oanda, LMAX via FIX connection.
  3. You are striving to unify solutions and want to use as few programming languages as possible in different markets. In our case, the advantage is given to C#, as the undisputed leader among the programming languages in trading.

The connector will connect directly to the MT terminal and support multiple connections of robots and programs to one running terminal. Trade will be carried out through a running terminal.

The main emphasis will be on MT4, as the most mature product in the Forex market. But we will also support the new MT5 version. The latter begins to replace the previous version, so upgrade from one version to another will take place without changes in the robot.

Basic participation conditions:

  • $300 – the presale stage before the collection of money (the approximate period of the stage is 2 weeks).
  • $500 – the development stage.
  • $1000 – after the end of development.

Source codes are provided individually to everyone who contributes from $1000 (in the first stage).

Technical support is a separate service, but for the participants of the first two stages, it will be provided for the connector for life.

Now about the unique feature of the new crowd.

You have the opportunity not only to become a participant in this project but also its investor!

The terms of the program are extremely simple:

  1. Each dollar contributed in excess of the amount of the base fee, will be converted into 1 SMTC (project virtual coin).
  2. Upon completion of the development, we will calculate the total number of coins and the share of each investor in the pool. For example, you have contributed $100 as an investor, and in total $1000 was contributed. Then your share in the pool is 10% (100/1000).
  3. Upon completion of the development, the product will be distributed to a wide range of users for a fee. 50% of the payments received from customers will be paid to investors. The share of each investor is equal to the share in the pool.
  4. The minimum investor’s contribution is only $100.
  5. Calculation of profits – quarterly!

Due to the full collection of funds for the pre-sale stage, we introduce temporary additional conditions:

  1. Starting from July 13, 2018, the minimum contribution amount is $500. Of these, $ 300 is the base fee for the connector, and $ 200 + is the investment fee.
  2. The amount received for the period from July 13, 2018, to July 31, 2018, will be distributed among the investors already included in the project (as on the date July 13)!
  3. Investors included in the project for the period from July 13, 2018, to July 31, 2018, will get the right to receive payments from the amounts received after yours deposit!

Project schedule:

  • The presale stage is June 26 – July 9
  • The development stage is July 9 – September 1.
  • The stage of delivery and distribution after September 1!
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